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Category Archives: Street Style

Street Style: Floral Neckties

Floral has been pretty constant in men’s fashion over the last few seasons; especially in the recent rise of street wear and the return of Hawaiian prints. And with the […]


Street Style: Bow Ties

It’s no surprise that we love our bow ties here at Gentleman & Scholar, though we understand that they’re not every guy’s cup-of-tea, which is why we’ve worked pretty darn […]


Street Style: Overcoats

Although its getting to the end of Winter here in Australia the chill is still there, and so before it completely disappears and the warmer months invade us, I thought […]


Street Style: The Pocket Square

Although the origins of the pocket square may have been for personal hygiene, today we see them being worn by some of fashion’s most well kept Gentlemen. There’s no denying […]


Street Style: Plaid

When most people hear the word “Plaid,” their minds automatically take them to hairy legged Scotsmen, wearing traditional kilts with a bagpipe in hand, though today we’re attempting to break […]

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Street Style: The Waistcoat

Today we’d like to discuss the some-what under-appreciated, an often confused piece of attire; The Waistcoat. Yes! This timeless piece has brought endless layering opportunities to Men’s attire, and has […]


Street Style: Double-Breasted Blazer

The classic double-breasted blazer, unfortunately at times considered too formal and unfortunately in more recent times avoided by too many men, is actually one of our favourites. Although it may […]


Street Style: Suspenders

When done well, a man donning a pair of suspenders can look rather dashing. Here are some gentlemen gracing the streets and showing us all how it’s done. Stay tuned […]


Street Style: Spectacles

Being short sighted myself, I always love seeing a four-eyed-friend out there rocking some killer frames, even if it does give me a little spectacle envy. Today we bring you […]


Street Style: Brim Hats

Whether it’s a Panama or a Bowler, a Fedora or Trilby, theres always a certain mystery about a gentleman wearing a brim hat that just seems to draw you in. […]


Street Style: Tie Bars

It is rather sad when certain customs are lost in the world of men’s fashion. With the rise in popularity of street wear amongst young men, its quite rare to […]


Street Style: Winter Boots

It’s time to pull out those wooly socks, and buckle up those shoes. That’s right! It’s boot season, and today we’re here to bring you some inspiration from a bunch […]