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Dapper Essentials: Triumph & Diaster

Do you have sensitive skin? or just don’t like using harsh products with unnecessary chemicals? Why not check out this week’s Dapper Essential; Triumph & Disaster. After retiring from 18 years with the New Zealand national cricket team, and some experience in the Spirits industry, Dion Nash re-focuses his hard efforts into launching his own men’s grooming line, which aim for sustainable business practices and focus on the goodness of natural ingredients found in New Zealand and beyond, and packages them in dapper looking tubes and bottles for you to take home.

Nash explains that, “Since guys primarily use moisturiser after sun and after shaving, we want that sense of hydration.” He goes on to say, “a lot of men’s products have menthols and alcohol, but they are irritants and dry out the skin and are fighting the role of the moisturiser. So I replaced that,” and boy are we happy about that! Within their moisturise particularly is Jojoba and Horopito, a plant sourced from a company called Forest Herbs, which claims it to be 65-million-years-old. As well as this the Polynesian antioxidant Tamanu within the Ritual Cleanser is used by locals for everything under the sun and is known to be good at reducing scars.

Dion got the name Triumph & Disaster from Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem, “If”, which his father gave him when he was 13 years old. “Years later I found it and hung it in my office,” he says. “One day I looked up and saw the words ‘triumph and disaster.’ The actual line is, ‘if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostor just the same.’ If you have a bit of success don’t let it get to your head and if your have failure don’t let it overcome you. And in the last line of the poem it says, ‘you’ll be a man my son.’ It tied in so nice with the grooming aesthetic I was trying to create for guys.” So whether you’re a self-taught shaver, or you Dad lended you a hand in those defining teenage years, Nash says, “I felt that guys want to have grooming on their own terms. Then from shaving you can extend it out.”

Triumph & Disaster products are available online, as well as at a number of locations in, Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Here are some products within their range…

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